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IMPORTANT ~ Updates Affecting Scheduling!

The names for all of our spaces have been updated on our website, in our Online Scheduling System and at the facility to provide a simpler reservation process.

We are updating the titles of all of our Facility Locations to include a number to make it easier to identify and reserve the Facility Location that you are looking for.

New Training Memberships

Available for Athletes using BatterUp! for focused training with an Independent Trainer.

The Training Memberships provide 4 hours of facility use weekly that can be reserved up to 10 days in advance. These sessions can be used for Private Training with Independent Trainers.

Groups of athletes who all have an active training Membership can book regular weekly sessions in advance, to receive group training from an Independent Trainer.

New Independent Trainer Options

See our new Independent Trainer List!

Recent updates to our business structure and insurance coverage allow several new options for using BatterUp! facilities to receive Private Instruction from any Independent Trainer that you choose.

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