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Built on the principles of

Balance, Rhythm and Vision 

The Pro Advantage is simple, it’s genuine

and most importantly, it’s fun!


The Pro Advantage is an approach to training that encompasses 4 generations of professional playing, scouting, instructing and managerial experience. It stems from a continuous education being around the best players and coaches in the game. Developed by our Director of Instruction, Matt Merullo, it’s the cornerstone for what our Training Staff teaches and how they connect with each player.  As the grandson of a major league player / scout, the son of a minor leaguer and father of a recent pro, the game is in Matt’s blood. He’s experienced it all as a professional, yet also has the perspective of a young player as well as that of a parent. It’s this experience that provides the basis for all of our training and what makes it so special. We can evaluate, teach what works for the individual, and have empathy for the players, parents and coaches involved.  

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