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July 30, 2023


We are sorry to announce that BatterUp will be closing at its current location at 1 Shoreline Drive in Guilford, CT on August 1, 2023.  Plans for BatterUp to move to a new location when the current lease expires on 9/1/2023 have fallen through. Through the years we have continually adjusted and adapted our approach and this past winter was  by far our  most successful season; unfortunately, with the rising cost of all of the utilities, all supplies, and rent, it was just not practical or prudent to sign a new lease and continue to run the business at its current location.  As my father used to say “ The juice will not be worth the squeeze”. It has been a pleasure to watch all the players  that have used the facility and to see them grow and mature throughout their athletic journeys.


If you feel that you are owed a refund and did not receive notice about your refund from BatterUp please complete the link below.   Responses will be reviewed weekly and appropriate refunds issued by check.


BatterUp Refund Request


Thank you for your understanding.


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